For the Baroqueswing volume 2 album I wanted to adhere to the sophisticated method of musical treatment where the inherent rhythmic identity of the original score, as well as the stylistic performance practice principals receive the utmost respect from us as improvisers and from me as arranger. The result is a refreshing combination of ultimate structure and the unpredictable energy of live improvisation. This experience is defined by the energy of the audience and the moment of musical creation propels Hugo to be the sensitive and complimentary drummer with his unique dynamic timbres and inspire Werner to utilize the acoustics and form the basis of our harmonic landscape. The Steinway becomes my voice as I try to extemporize on the original Baroque content in a new and personal way. As a trio we lock in thought and musical motion to try and contribute to the unique soundscape created in Ernen. It is my wish that the time spent listening to this music will entertain, enrich and extend the musical imagination of each listener, as if they were in the Church on that special day.